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Wyndham Road

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Wyndham Road[edit | edit source]

Wyndham Road is key to the development.

The west side, by Farmer's Road and Camberwell New Road, is already home to a dangerous junction, with cars overhanging the pedestrian crossing during green man phase, and still emerging from Wyndham Road when the lights have turned green for cars on Camberwell New Road.

Current proposals are to introduce a new through road, with increased junction activity from online deliveries, new motorists in the development, CPZ permit holders in the wider area, and those trying to jump the traffic on Wyndham Road by taking a side street detour.

Already an intimidating experience, Wyndham Road would become a completely hostile environment to pedestrians, especially elderly and mobility-impaired, with current proposals. That is why an alternative proposal to the new road, to create a new walking route instead, has been proposed.

Here are some examples of why things are already too bad, and certainly should not be made worse: