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Welcome to Miah Close![edit | edit source]

A re-development is planned for the area between Camberwell New Road, Wyndham Road, Redcar Street and Councillor Street, including the border with Miah Close, the access and loading road for the Clarendon Terrace shops on Camberwell New Road.

Why This Wiki?[edit | edit source]

This wiki aims to help Southwark Council create the best possible housing development, by gathering ideas and materials about what the site and area mean to locals and visitors to the area.

Council Objectives[edit | edit source]

The Council's objectives are to:

  • introduce an additional 63 homes, including a minimum of 35% social housing,
  • re-provide existing accommodation for the three main on-site stakeholders, and
  • protect existing rights of access, loading and turning for traders and residents whose properties back on to Miah Close.

Local Ideas to Create a Better Development[edit | edit source]

Locals have proposed that Southwark Council designates the Camberwell New Road area as a Local Centre in the New Southwark Plan.

This is part of a wider initiative by local people to involve Lambeth councillors and planners in planning for this border area, including increased permeability.

The Camberwell New Road area is full of non-residential uses, which are key to the new development integrating with the surrounding area:

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Ark All Saints Academy

Contribute your ideas for the development here:

Development Ideas

Read about or contribute details on the local area, to help inform the development, on:

Southwark Council's official consultation page is at

Getting started[edit | edit source]

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