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Local Permeability

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In June 2020 the Government set in motion a radical plan to create modal shift from car use to walking and cycling.

This is a page to discuss the opportunity to create new permeability, and involve West Camberwell in the age of investment in walking and cycling take-up, post-pandemic.

The following opportunities would be unlocked by a new direct walking route through the new development:

Permeability Opportunity 1: Camberwell Green -> Kennington Common and Oval[edit | edit source]

This creates the possibility of communities from Oval to Camberwell of walking a continuous route without the noise, danger and pollution of traffic. Both healthier, and more likely to become a new walking habit for local communities:

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Permeability Opportunity 2: Comber Grove Primary -> Myatt's Fields[edit | edit source]

Myatt's Fields is difficult to access for schoolchildren east of Camberwell New Road. The junction with Flodden Road is staggered, and kerbside car storage on Councillor Street and Flodden Road creates dangerous conditions for young cyclists.

There is the opportunity for junction improvements by Lothian Road, and the creation of cycling contraflow from Camberwell New Road to Calais Road. This would create a relatively safe method of accessing Myatts Fields.

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