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Clarendon Terrace

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Clarendon Terrace[edit | edit source]

Clarendon Terrace is an historic parade of shops, built in to the new toll road, Camberwell New Road, from 1820 to 1830.

Clarendon Terrace is one of very few Regency parades that have traded continuously since inception, and retain the broad forecourts and footways required by the Georgians for their people spaces. It is also rare in retaining a private loading and access road, and is perhaps the last of its kind in the United Kingdom.

A place of wayfaring[edit | edit source]

The broad forecourts of Clarendon Terrace can be seen on the earliest available maps for Camberwell New Road, so seem to have been designed in by intent, as a place of wayfaring and refuge from travel and traffic.

The forecourts slope down gently, to take rainwater away from shop entrances. This early design approach from the 1820s should not be relied on as the only means of Flood Defence, so locals must be vigilant in making sure stormwater drainage improves with future developments in the area, as climate change accelerates.

Scenes from Clarendon Terrace[edit | edit source]